Borders, language, culture… oh my!

The evolution of the internet paves the way for cultural immersion. While borders may never fully disappear, natural engagement in communication is likely to foster something mankind hasn’t enjoyed since the destruction of the Tower of Babel.

Should a global language eventually emerge (as it will, in time) elements of Chinese and English, the two main languages of culture and commerce, must converge. I’m sure some French, Spanish and Hindi will be in the mix, as this new tongue slowly but methodically displaces English as the language of business, commerce and culture.

I pitched it awhile back on my Chinese blog.

“A world language should be embraced, not feared. Learned, not shunned.” ~ Dave Lucas

Pouring[编辑] in English.

Now, what are YOUR thoughts about a blended world? Earth and all its people reduced to a frothy roux?