I was both charmed and fascinated by a television program I found while blitzing via remote on Monday night. Could you live a life as focused as this one?   Who might  have imagined I would be so enthralled and involved in something that if you had pitched it to me I would have said nyet!

Tuesday I commented on an article by fellow-journalist Richard Dowden, who makes a case for why the next Pope should be African. Quote: “The numbers and the zeitgeist dictate that the next Pope should come from Africa. The percentage of practicing Catholics in Europe and North America has declined steeply. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Centre, since the 1960s four American-born Catholics have left the Church for every new member. In contrast the number of Catholics in Africa has grown from 55 million in 1978 to more than 150 million today. By 2025 that figure is expected to be 230 million. In the past five years, the number of men training to be Catholic priests in Europe and America has fallen by 10 per cent. In Africa it has risen by more than 14 per cent”

My comment included something troubling me since the meteor hit Russia. “I think it would be wonderful to have an African Pope who hopefully will not call himself “Peter” or any derivation thereof so that we can move past the second “Doomsday” scenario now that the Mayans have been discredited. “ That would bring us to a new, more challenging point of view on prophecy, religion, oracles and all sorts of other topics.

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