The other day one of my geek pals told me the last Acer netbook left the factory this month. That’s a milestone! The world is spinning fast, if netbooks already have gone out of style! Google stock is up over USD$800 and likely to go higher, fueled in part by youtube, I’ll bet!

Why no one is talking about Yahoo’s—or anyone else’s—new homepage – according to Quartz, Yahoo has a new homepage, but you’d be forgiven for not noticing, since fewer people than ever are visiting it. In December 2012, for example, traffic to the domain was down 24% from a year ago

Meanwhile, twitter is cutting back on its 140-character limit for some.

My Opinion ::: These changes should be welcomed, not feared. The digital landscape is undergoing monumental reconstruction. Hang on for the ride!

PS – My fellow bloggers, place NO stock in what so-called “experts” have been writing about “The future of blogging.”

Some of the names may be familiar: Jeff Bullas, Mitch Joel, Craig McBreen, Tony Jones, John Haydon… but not one really has any “insider” info into where blogging may or may not be “going”! If you recall, blogs were supposed to give way to “vlogs” and would be completely gone by 2009. Didn’t happen, did it?

No one should pay attention to what Andrew Sullivan does. As for McBreen: Blogging is not dead nor is it being reborn. It is not morphing into something unrecognizable. Rather, it is returning to its roots. That’s why I created THIS blog! More mobile and tablet friendly, less “complicated.”

If you have a look at my blogspot blog, which has been around for many years, you will notice it is not bound to any one niche: I have no inhibitions about posting about Beyonce, then uploading an article about President Barack Obama and next throwing in a post about the Russian Meteor and religious prophecy. Freestyle blogging.

I knew early on that I wanted the blog to appear not as a diary but as a magazine, so I got used to making do with materials at hand – improvising as I went along. Original text and pictures I create myself makes the presentation unique. I cover everything I can. I discovered what interests people, what excites them, and what pisses them off. I have to keep different followers engaged: not everyone wants to read about politics; some folks want celebrity gossip, others want advice about blogging and still others are looking for movie reviews or poetry. So I wear the flexible hat of variety and present myself as a jack-of-all-trades-blogger! Similar formula being applied here on WordPress in a more minimalist framework.

You want insight into my writing process? There is no secret formula. A lot of my articles are written after I see something else in print and think “I want to write something like that.” Once you’ve experienced that, it’s like reverse engineering: you come to know how the words were all put together. I come across many many things – many different sources – I just write, try to find something “sticky” and apply it with precision timing.