There’s a buzz going around via Android Police about some leaked code that indicates preps are underway to make folks like you and I PAY to to watch youtube. That will pull the rug out from under BillBoard’s recent decision to factor youtube video hits into the pop music Hot 100.

If you examine the progression of ad content in American Radio and Television, you will see where the idea’s roots are. It will fail, because the new digital generation is used to getting things FREE. What was once free, it has been decided, now must be paid for somehow. People said ads would ruin youtube, yet how many times in recent memory have you had to spend 15 to 30 seconds of your valuable time watching an ad before you could see what you really wanted to see?

Experts say if this works, the pay model could spread to things like twitter and facebook (regardless of what they say about ‘free and always will be’) and eventually blogger and Gmail! Once you’ve cloaked yourself in “the cloud” you become an instant target/victim.

One of the net’s recent techno marvels is the concept of “cloud computing” where everything is stored somewhere on some server in cyberland. This is a blessing and a curse. If you can’t get online, or if the internet were to be hacked out of existence for a couple of weeks, you would have ZERO access to anything!

I prefer to have as much as possible STORED on my computer! That goes for emails, blogs, photos, videos, etc. Sure, I’ll have them stowed away “up there” – but it is always best to keep files saved so that you can work on stuff if you cannot get online!

PS – did you know you can create and upload a WordPress blog right from your PC?