What really does matter? What do we hold onto as important memories? What is the clutter that blocks us from seeing them? What do we throw away? ~ Aldon Hynes

A day in early March, long ago. A young man ponders his fate.I turned the calendar page and noticed Easter is nearly upon us. This one comes early, and early is very welcome in my present state of existence. Last night I was going through what has now become a box of old memories and I thought “how quickly times pass” as each previously relevant item passed through my hands from one box into another.

Little flashes of memory attached to each and every one. A little air of melancholy. A microburst of joy. Where I had been some 11 or 14 years ago now seemed like a distant world. There were questions. And “what-if’s.” And dreams I’ll never see again. People who vanished into the mist of life.

After finishing up with the box, I began to wonder if it was good to do such things. Going through the box.  Did it “cleanse” or otherwise soothe my soul? No. Am I happier or sadder now? No.

» To be continued…