Think substance. Think ‘Cult of Personality.’ Think SIGNATURE.

Be a little different.

Do you have a ‘signature’ all your own? A ‘signature’ can be one of the most powerful marks of our existence on Earth’s physical plane.

You probably know someone like this: I know somebody who has ‘trademark colours’ of red and black. Wardrobe. Personal possessions (like mobile phone and netbook). Vehicles. Red and black.

That particular application of red and black serves as an ‘abstract’ signature. Contrast it against a more ‘static’ one that envelops a personality – you’d know Bill Clinton or Karl Lagerfeld or Kim Kardashian immediately if you saw one of them walking down your street. There’s also what I call a ‘blind’ signature – you wouldn’t know him if he stepped on your big toe, but if I told you “that was Jesus” or “that was King Arthur” who just walked by, you know those guys via ‘blind’ signature.

So get out there. Show a little inventiveness. Come up with a little style all your own. Create a SIGNATURE. One that is totally YOURS and yours only, a brand that no one else can claim or take away.

But DO NOT be a copycat! Don’t be a Lady Gaga that everyone will say “oh she stole that from Madonna” – Don’t be a Stevie Ray Vaughn “Oh look, he plays guitar just like Hendrix”  and “he wears the same kind of hat Hendrix wore.” Strive to be known as YOURSELF. Do not imitate or emulate somebody else!