I raised an eyebrow this morning when I saw the notice pop-up on my “Reader.” Thankfully, I’m not addicted to it. Don’t depend on it. That’s the way I’ve come full circle about any net tools or apps. I’ve been in the spot too many times where a service or tool or app or whatever you call it either dies or puts up a paywall or  fixes something that isn’t broken. So when I was asked how I felt about the upcoming demise of Google Reader, I replied “One less bell to answer. Shows you how easy Google can ‘discontinue at will’.” Hmmm… What could be next?

Will I look for something to replace Reader? Nope. I used it simply because Google made it convenient. Google maketh and Google taketh away. Now I’m going back to what I was doing on the analog plane.

Oh my God! Would you people please please stop mourning Google reader. How will you feel now that I am telling you iGoogle is next on the chopping block? Get your heads out of the CLOUD. You can still find great laptops at fire sale prices. Look for a unit that has a network jack and a phone jack, along with at least 3 USB ports and built-in wifi. Set it up so you have NO automatic updates allowed, and find FREE softwares that you can disable from updating that fill your needs and serve your purposes. That’s the only way you can keep your digital data safe. (Of course, you will have back-ups on CD and/or flash drives, but NOTHING on the cloud that you can’t afford to lose!)