Perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences in my personal technological history: a dead BlackBerry. The routine system reset/battery pull useless. An “App 200” error. And a non-responsive BlackBerry Desktop Manager to go along with that. [blackberry won’t connect to desktop manager “verify that your device…”]

Sure, I hunted and pecked and googled all around the web. There are many scarey solutions out there. Many warnings about totally losing all data, settings and address books. But without the financial wherewithal to purchase a new mobile device at this point in time, I was ready to try anything.

The solutions usually involve the Blackberry desktop software. At this point I would like to give a shout out to one of the most helpful videos out there about BB recovery. Although it didn’t help me, the calm and cool manner in which the young lady delivers her message relaxed my mind and got me to thinking “there must be a way to solve the problem.” Check out her video and try her method first. If that doesn’t help, don’t despair, and don’t take a hammer to your smartphone.

The good news: I was able to restore my phone without losing a drop of data, and I was able to get rid of a couple of pesky apps along the way.

The Holy Grail is here. At least it was for me. My experience in following the directions given VARIED a bit from what’s on the page. Do NOT fear variation! Quirky little electronic devices have little computer chip minds aka unique “personalities” – but the key here was a very simple solution based on something the average user would not even be aware of! There are over 900 comments on that page, attesting to the sad fact that not everyone had good luck applying the information given. In my case, I disregarded the instructions about connecting the battery, doing the opposite of what I was told.

When you reach the point where you have nothing to lose: you are thinking of getting a new phone, or a used phone or a trac phone, you are at the place where you can roll up your sleeves and be your own BB’s technician.

Soldier on, smartphone user!