I’m not going to dazzle you with fancy graphics or bore you with statistics.

Have you ever checked your blog stats early in the day? Let’s say you did and you saw 55 visitors by 0700. You check again the following day and there are 140 visitors by the same time. But at the end of the day, your “total number of visitors” always seems to hover around a certain mark, be it 240, 680, 1150 – you get the idea.

Once in awhile one of my blog*spot blogs gets a spike after being mentioned in a yahoo newsfeed. But the spike never seems to change the day’s total. One day I checked my blog from the NY Public Library. It was “not available.” That same day I was experiencing one of those y-spikes.

How many people clicked and got that same result? 50? 100? More? I’ve been keeping tabs on a few other blogs whose authors have not closed access to their stats and I see the same pattern. The end of the day total is always + or – about 25 visitors if the tally stays around 225 or so, and + or – 50 if it is around 500, and so on…  leading me to theorize that there is a bit of regulating going on.

Now, I can’t prove it (and don’t really have the time or interest to do so) but I’ll betcha dollars to diamonds something is tweaking traffic flow. Have you had a similar experience?

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