If you’ve checked your blog or website stats and noticed a multitude of visits from something labeled “facebook bot,” that’s exactly what it is! It’s a good sign, but it’s not a real visit.

From the Social Network itself: “Facebook allows its users to send links to interesting web content to other Facebook users. Part of how this works on the Facebook system involves the temporary display of certain images or details related to the web content, such as the title of the webpage or the embed tag of a video. Our system retrieves this information only after a user provides us with a link. You may have found this page because a Facebook user sent a link from your website to other Facebook users” [1] In other words, you could be looking at people linking on facebook to pages on your blog or website.

You can exclude bots from your stats if you like. If you employ StatCounter, simply click the wrench/spanner icon beside your project name. Click “Edit Project Settings” then check the box for “Ignore visits from Crawlers & Bots for this project?” and click “update project”. I would recommend NOT doing this in the interest of at least knowing material your are publishing is being probed and documented.

On the other hand, if a bot is visiting your site through an advert, that could be costing you money, thus forcing you to take drastic measures.[2]

I’ll be keeping an eye on this situation for you, as my humble weblog you see here does not include nor accept ads at this time. If YOU have anything to share on this topic, feel free to do so by leaving words in the comments.

If you’re asking “where are all the journalism articles?” – well, don’t worry, I’ll throw some up at some point. There are a few other things on my table that I am documenting here, some having to do with physical fitness and others with blogging and social networking. Life is a series of inter-related episodes, some of which have no bond or connection to one another. Such is life. Such is blog.