A wonderful post on my internet pal Ana’s blog [“How Ana Offended Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios”] reminded me of an incident involving my Google/Blog*Spot/Blogger blog and the importance of generating original content versus begging, borowing or excerpting material from other web sources.

Just over a year ago to the day, I received a notification from Blogger:
19:41PM 03/29/2012 A DMCA complaint on your content has been received and/or updated.

??? I was caught “off-guard”…

So I checked to see what the complaint entailed: an old (2007) post about Shakira, the pop star. Have a look at the “offending link” [The link actually violating copyright law leads back to a radio station that DID NOT EXIST in 2007!]

The link that you see in the screenshot above enabled the reader of my blog to click on the radio station link so he or she could listen to that particular station’s webstream. In and of itself, it had NOTHING to do with “Shakira” (one theory:   a Shakira recording on the radio station’s playlist was somehow accessed by a bot reverse-tracking it via the link on my blog) or anything else appearing in my blog post.

The Takeaway ::: strive to keep content original. Bots searching for copyright content have no mercy, nor do they have human souls.