During the week one of my assignments took me to the Gilboa Dam. One of those man-made testaments to human ingenuity you can’t fully appreciate until you get up close and personal! I filed a radio report on deadline the same day I was there. The Watershed Post filed a much more comprehensive/inclusive piece a few days later.

You can see where the future of news reporting is heading. Radio is, was and forever will be the original “social media” vehicle. The Watershed Post’s Lissa Harris digitally captures the expanded print version. Yes, I typed “print” because readers have the opportunity to print out the material. Hard copy to read or keep. The Post is unique in that it spans a wide, wonderful coverage area and ties lots of folks together in the way a traditional print newspaper could never do. That’s my 2 centsworth!

Folks often wonder about the safety of dams. Back in 2006 I blogged not only about local dams, but about New York City being high on the list of municipalities in line for a hit from a major hurricane!

From ’06 ::: “Conklinville’s not the only thing to be “dam concerned” about: The GILBOA Dam is another “accident” waiting to happen. Mayor Joseph Emanuele told Capital News 9 he is concerned about the Gilboa Dam. If it were to break, the City of Amsterdam would be hit with a number of problems…”
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