America has had a long love-affair with the Kennedys. they could do no wrong. Except for one. Americans watched Caroline Kennedy grow up from a little girl in the White House to a polished professional. And that’s where the love ends. Oh, it’s okay if she writes books and heads up a project somewhere. But whenever Caroline Kennedy places a toe in political waters, the media goes insane with hate. I’m talking liberal, conservative and media “in the middle.” This happened when she was suggested for appointment as NY Senator to replace Hillary Clinton. The “outrage” – the accusations of “entitlement” came into play. Now that Caroline is being pitched to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Japan, the haters are back.

Can anyone explain? The L.A. Times calls her a “celebrity supporter” of Barack Obama[1], yet they don’t seem to blink when Obama’s true cronies and oddballs do or say anything? I don’t get it. The Times: ” She is not an expert on Japan or international relations, and she has never held public office or been a diplomat.”

Well, Barack Obama never held public office until he did, and he wasn’t the most seasoned chicken in the coop when he swept the Democratic nomination out from under Hillary Clinton, so what gives with that wacky stance by the paper?

The LA Times also says Ambassador Caroline would “face an astronomical learning curve” – hey, didn’t Barack Obama face the same thing?

Then we have Chelsea Clinton. America watched her grow up from a curly-haired White House teen to a polished professional. I like the Clintons, and I like Chelsea. She’s a very unique and positive-minded individual. In her case the media bends over backwards to accommodate her and whatever job or project Chelsea is involved in. No, there’s no harm in any of that. I’m just trying to figure out why the media swoons over Chelsea but breaks out in blisters when Caroline makes headlines.

[1] During the 2008 primary campaign, Caroline enthusiastically supported Obama, comparing him to her father JFK. She and her uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy, broke long standing ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton to strongly back Obama in the contested 2008 Democratic primary.