For $795 $697 (newsletter subscribers pay “only” $397) you can take an e-course entitled ” Mastering the Digital Channel” – described as “not get rich quick stuff” (obviously not, not at those prices!)

It’s apparently a crash course in content and email marketing, social networking, the whole sh-boom, and you can even make “three easy payments” of $233. Question is, is it really worth all that?

And keep in mind that while you might believe you would benefit from “Mastering the Digital Channel,” I don’t see any money-back guarantee.

The people who commented on this post must be filthy rich or certified fruitcakes. Of course, that’s just my personal point of view.

Could I offer something as good as or better than? I wouldn’t have the time. I don’t have the credentials. Ah, credentials! Get some of those and you can legally rob people blind! Or perhaps when you go after folks higher up on the income scale, 6 or 7 hundred bucks is “chump change.”

P.S. : I have nothing against Chris Brogan. He’s just making a living.