Whatever your side of the argument is, understand that American freedom died on 911. And then a few years later along came the ‘Great Recession’ that put us all in a box, some of us now poor or near-poor, others homeless, everyone struggling and slithering like glass eels in a fisherman’s trap.

Nobody saves money any more. We want everything right now, while we can enjoy it, never mind if we can’t pay for it we’ll just slap it on the ol’ credit card. We do this in case we get caught up in the next terror event or get rolled by a drunk driver. We’re all well-to-do on payday and a few days after and then third-worlders until the next direct deposit fills up our bank.

So what happened, Boston? Another constitutional right, freedom of assembly, is endangered by a gang of two. Authorities were probably checking grandma’s purse or inspecting a retarded kid’s diaper or a toddler’s teddy, carefully avoiding anything that could be chalenged as racial or religious profiling while the Chechno-bros went about their marathon bombing business. And no CISNA law was needed. These dudes were already on gov’t radar, but the gov was too consumed by gun control and immigration reform. Too busy to heed a warning from Russian intelligence.

Next thing you know crowds will be forbidden to gather and all guns will be confiscated and you will have no defense against foreign terror or against the alien criminals that get into the country under the new immigration bill that you haven’t read.

The police state we are already in is what needs reform. Don’t stop the little old man from Chicago trying to board his flight while some shady nervous character passes because he looks like someone we might offend, and you know we don’t want to offend anyone. Like the Bombers crazy lawyer aunt from Toronto. Show these folks we mean business. No miranda rights. Take them to the nearest waterboard and give us back our freedom and peace of mind.

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UPDATE 3:52pm April 23, 2013 ::: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the country’s interpretation of the Constitution will “have to change” to allow for greater security to stave off future terror attacks.