The Biggest Ton of Crap ::: “What we are losing is the personal blog and the themed blog.” ~ Eulogy for the Blog

Bloggers have had to deal with such foolishness going back to 2007 – maybe farther. I recall one nut declaring that the VLOG was going to banish the blog into obscurity. Ha-ha. Remember all the commotion surrounding Amanda Congdon and RocketBoom? Here’s what it looks like today, perhaps a chilling preview of what sites operated by Ben Smith, Andrew Sullivan and that lifestreaming nut Steve Rubel, whose ‘stream’ died along with Posterous.

To quote directly from ::: “November 2011, Politico’s most prominent blogger, Ben Smith, declared the advent of the “the post-blog blog.” “The dusty old form of the personal political blog has required some updating. Twitter has replaced any individual blog as the place the political conversation plays out,” he wrote. “Other successful bloggers—from Andrew Sullivan to Michelle Malkin, Chris Cillizza to Ezra Klein—have been edging in different ways toward institutionalizing what works, staffing up and formalizing their beats to better serve their audiences.” blah blah blah and blah.

I am so tired of hearing rants about “blogging is dead” and all the other bullshit idiots like this waste time on trying to make a case for or against blogging. True blogs will be alive long after you and I are not!

To continue ::: “Smith was announcing that his own blog, which dated back to Politico’s beginnings nearly five years before, would undergo a similar sort of change. About a month later, though, he announced that he would become editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed, a website where nearly every article is, in a sense, a blog post, but there are no actual blogs, and whose traffic model depends in no small part on discovery via social media. In other words, a post-blog blog.”

This is horseshit at it’s freshest. At the moment, social media is leading. But that could change in a heartbeat. Do you recall when everyone laughed at Google when the big G purchased youtube? The yukkerheads aren’t laughing now. But these “boo hoo the blog is dead” folks are cut from the same yukkerhead cloth. They have no clues and no good ideas. Period.

Just because Andrew Sullivan, the much ballyhooed “father of the blog” says its days are numbered, does not mean anything. That’s like Thomas Edison inventing the phonograph and then proclaiming there is no use for it. Sullivan, Smith, Congdon and Rubel may have been important players in the early 2000’s, but all are now passé.

Oh, and, New Republic, PLEASE stop the rant about RSS. I blogged repeatedly about how RSS hurt bloggers rather than helped them. Goodbye Google Reader. Goodbye and Good riddance!

Stop the crap, stop the apps! Use basic internet tools and stay out of the cloud. How many times have I dispensed such advice!