There’s a major battle going on that pits the City of Kingston, New York against an independent tourist railroad,  the Catskill Mountain Railroad Company.  It is ugly. These folks are not headed in any direction of co-existing, at least not at this point. The Watershed Post has put the whole story together for you, in the tend-to-details way that only online print media can present. (Or a movie documentary, perhaps?)

If you look through the facebook comments on the post article, I found one to be a standout. It was submitted by John Bonitz, who works at The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. His remarks remind me of what GM did to the intercity train system in America. Mr. B says “What I fear people are not considering is the fact that railroad infrastructure WILL be of vital importance in the future. Today the CMRR may be a mere tourist attraction, but someday when diesel fuel is $6 per gallon, and gasoline is $8/gal, those rails will be needed to get food, cargo, and people into and out of the region. Rail is vastly more energy efficient than trucks or cars. For this reason, it is less polluting and easier on the climate.

Don’t be foolish Kingston and Ulster County: Don’t throw-away such priceless infrastructure.”

I met Harry Jameson when I was covering the aftermath of flooding in Phoenicia. I know Kingston’s Mayor Gallo and Ulster County Exec Mike Hein. They are all great people and I don’t understand why they all can’t get along! C’mon guys!