Anyone out there care to offer analysis on this?

The Gathering ::: my dream started with me at some kind of gathering – could have been a house party or a press event.  When I left the building, I took a coat that was not mine, although in the dream it did not seem as if I were stealing it. I also had one of those Irish caps on (I do not nor have I ever owned one) and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The coat was of such a design and colour I would never weara in “real life” but in the mirror’s reflected image I was more than pleased… the red and white coat gave me what I would call a “signature” look. Kind of like Karl Lagerfeld. But different.

The Road ::: a four-to-six land highway, speed limit 45, but it was dim and dark almost like dawn and as we/I ? crossed an area of highway that was slightly elevated off the hills, very bridge-like, there was a “minefield” of accidents to negotiate through. My vehicle remained safe.

The Car ::: ok, suddenly I notice I am a passenger in a car, chatting with a man and woman… the man and I are in the back seat, the woman is in the front, but not driving, it appears, even though she is sitting where the driver would normally be.  I can tell they are wondering where I came from, as I must have “appeared” in the car.  A few minutes go by, and they reach their destination. A man remains in the front seat, and as the car accelerates, I notice there is no driver. “I guess I’m driving,” I tell him and he nods. He instructs me to “take a left turn” but there are signs clearly indicating “NO LEFT TURN” and so I tell him “I’m going straight” and he answers “Okay.”

I wake up.