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The arrival of older relatives on Facebook is one of the top reasons cited by teens for losing interest in the platform and moving to sites that allow pseudonyms, such as Tumblr and Twitter, or messaging apps such as Line, Viber and Snapchat that are better suited for conversations between small groups of friends.

None of these services recreate the full gamut of Facebook’s features, but this is becoming less important as people rapidly shift away from desktop computers to mobile devices…

Let’s stop right there.

The kids might SAY it’s the arrival of older relatives, but I’ll bet you it goes deeper. Techno-deeper! FB on the phone has too many hoops to jump thru. Most of us adults and kids are used to the simple acts of texting or IM-ing without having to navigate thru multiple screens.

I have told FB friends please DON’T message me because it is a real pain in the ass to answer and resolve the lit icon, by going thru no less than 5 screens to find out who it is, what it is and then dismiss or delete the message.

Facebook on my phone is a clunky piece of crap. A friend who has it on his phone, which is a totally different OS, is plagued with bugs and unwanted ads that creep in masquerading as “messages.” The “Facebook Home” phone app is being avoided by consumers, and those that now purchase the price-slashed phones are using hacks to remove the “Home screen.”