Here I am on a Friday morning, planning out my day. I just posted this to my blog*spot, and I decided to copy it to WordPress for the benefit of those who have subscribed to the mobile blog (thanks to all of you!) Indeed, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of netizens who have found this blog and found it worthy of subscribing to!

The sudden early hot humid early preview of summer is now over. Here in New York we are in for a couple of days of rain and coller temperatures. The TV weatherdude seems to think we’ll hit 70 on Memorial Day. Yes, I’ll be at the bbq Monday, grilling away. It’s a thanksgiving day for me, a day to remember the men and women who fought and died for our freedoms, freedoms that are being pulled out from under us.

By the time Tuesday rolls around there’s no telling what new material might have hit the news fan. I’m glad Anthony Weiner has decided to run for Mayor here in New York City. If anyone is the poster child for ‘we are only human’ it is he.

I keep running into people who are worried about the coming of Obamacare. I keep hoping that something will be done to ease the financial burden on American students (UAlbany is gearing up a new ‘fast track’program that looks very promising) who are being victimized by greedy colleges – it all leads back to the big banks and the fat cats and those we call the one per cent.

Well, as I mentioned on blog*spot, I have errands to run, places to go and people to meet. I’ll be working on my writings throughout the holiday weekend. My smartphone will keep me connected to the digital world, which as soon as I upload this post, will be going on the back burner ’til tuesday.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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