“You’ll go broke trying to make money on the internet.” ~ Dave Lucas

If Al Capone were alive today, this is how he would be hiding his money.” ~ Rich Weber, IRS chief of criminal investigations

Before I get to BitCoin:  The post-Memorial Day financial news consists of “wow, the housing market is up” and “wow, every Tuesday the stock market is up.” But there is no mention of those thousands of people who have fallen off the list of unemployed because their benefits ran out long ago and they haven’t found work. No mention either of those thousands who once worked in high-paying corporate jobs but are now clerks at convenience, donut, fast-food shops and gas stations. There’s a lady in our neighborhood who worked for an ad agency and now delivers newspapers.

A lot of people have been brainwashed into believing anybody can make money just by sitting down at the computer and logging onto the net. The only folks making money are the brainWASHERS – the self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ hawking videos and eBooks. If you want to make money on the net, you have to SELL a valuable product or service. Make sure it is YOURS not something you affiliate with or purchase ‘rights’ to. Key word VALUABLE. Knowledge. Expertise. How-to. The best plan is to sell your services along with your product. Selling a guide to growing a bumper crop of tomatoes? For an extra $X offer personal consultation via phone or email. Keep an invitation only blogspot blog where you offer new information and your latest tips, and sell access to it!

Cloud-proof your computer and data! While it may be okay to use Google Drive, make sure any programs or services you enjoy using are disconnected from any automatic updates. And don’t get too reliant upon anything on ‘the cloud.’ Remember, ‘the cloud giveth, but the cloud also taketh away.’

Now, onto BitCoin. It has been said that the emergence of Bitcoin could threaten the United States’ ability to control the flow of electronic funds. Bitcoin has escaped scrutiny so far. Suddenly on Tuesday, Liberty Reserve, an online payment system based in Costa Rica, was shut down by law enforcement authorities (citing the Patriot Act), leaving many wondering whether Bitcoin is next. I’m glad I didn’t jump in. It was a little too expensive to “try.” Had it been less to get into, I might’ve “invested.” So, it may have been a novel concept, but it shuts the ‘little guy’ out. A better idea? Try opening an online stock market account with an outift like Tradeking.

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