I love to tinker and experiment – Lately I have been using my blog*spot blog as a “guinea pig” of sorts to do all kinds of tinkering and testing. From Blog Cap to Cloud Computing, I’ve covered a lot of ground. I’ve also been watching and documenting traffic the search engines are sending my blog’s way. Throw rhyme and reason out the window. And get offa that cloud!

Before I get to that, I still maintain there is some sort of “traffic cap” in place, one that has gotten all to predictable, one I believe is tied in with Google, Panda & Penguin. I’m not going to bore you with the data or line of reasoning.

Having typed that, I notice that many visits made to my blog via iPad and mobile phone are NOT recorded as if they never had happened! I know this because I enlisted friends with such devices to visit the site. Also, people who have me in their feed reader and view content via the RSS reader DO NOT show up on the stats!

Interested in gauging what (if any) local readership there might be (truthfully I have done ZERO to publicize my blog on a local basis) I injected a Mayoral poll. The results were less than spectacular. But then again, I never aimed to build a local audience. So that may be a good thing!