Ever since the reconstituted Wallace Wattles papers took off remolded as “The Secret,” self-help gurus have been singing the praises of positive affirmations. One of my favorites is Bob Proctor’s “I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis.” Try it and you’ll be finding coins and paper money wherever you go! (Just don’t use it near a bank *wink*)

Some of the programs of positive thinking overlay the affirmation process with a gridwork of days. Wattles favored a biblical ’40-day’ prosperity plan. Some modern missionaries and some who have ditto-machined their techniques employ a 21 day strategy, which I believe is more do-able. But I’ve engineered a solid plan you can re-run twice a month, which has superior benefit.

“What happens if you don’t have to borrow? You don’t have to pay back.”
~Gloria Copeland

Having typed that, I have come up with a 12-day strategy of my own: a DO-IT-YOURSELF (translation: you don’t have to pay me a penny for this information) GUIDE to debt freedom. 21 ideas you can roll out one day at a time. While I don’t guarantee you will be debt free after day 21, I think you may be on a better path. And by the way, these 21 steps do require a little work on your part.

Day 1 * Affirmation Day ::: Today you gather some favorite quotes and postive phrases . Be sure to either write them down or print them off and post them somewhere where you will see them every day, but not in a place where family members or co-workers can criticize them.

Day 2 * Software Day ::: Today you search for and download FREEWARE and apps that will HELP YOU, be they mindmaps or day planners or or fitness diaries or calorie counters or daily bible verses or schedulers or budget trackers. (You get the idea!) You will find and test several before settling on one or two that will really help you and that you know you will be able to use effectively on a daily basis going forward.

Day 3 * Book or Library Day ::: Today (and you may have to shift the day if your local public library is closed on this particular one) you will find one book that you can borrow that targets a specific problem you have or obstacle you wish to overcome or deals with a subject you want to learn.

Day 4 * Budget Day ::: Caveat:budgets don’t work for everyone. Having typed that, know that it is imporatnt to be flexible. You’ll find it easiest to constantly refine and revise your personal cash-flow plan. There are hundreds of models and blueprints out there in books, magazines and on the net. But take heed: if a budget isn’t elastic, it will fail. The budget you set up can be as simple as writing down your intent on a piece of paper you will carry in your wallet to downloading a budget tracking or helper app to your computer or cell phone.

Day 5 * Inventory Day ::: Today I want you to take stock. What are you carrying around or what’s in your place that you don’t need? Is there anything you can sell or give away? Unburdening oneself from unneeded physical posessions is like a defrag to a harddrive. You will think, feel and live better! If you are already living a minimalist lifestyle, look in the corners of your mind and rid yourself of foolish notions and superstitions and things of that ilk.

Day 6 * Lucky Stars Day ::: Did I just mention superstitions? Today you are going to face your little demons. If you find a penny and pick it up, are you really going to have good luck or are you just setting up a mental affirmation that good luck will befall you? Are you one of those folks who believes that if the penny is face down you should leav it? Or do you think that if you pick up that penny you will have ‘used’ the portion of good fortune the fates have allotted you for that day? Suze Orman once said she always picks up pennies, even today. If you have any superstitious leanings – if you pay attention to horoscopes or biorhythms, I want you to get a little notebook or start tracking in some fashion whether any of the predictions or encounters you have actually make any diofference when viewed over time. If you go to astrologyzone.net you can print out your monthly horoscope. I’d like you to do that, but DO NOT READ IT. Print it out, staple the pages together, then put it away. At the end of the month you will use your “luck-tracker” documentation to try to match-up and see if days you thought were lucky line up with those the astrologer deemed so. You can do this with biorhythm charts as well. This will help you settle once and for all whether there is any merit for you in stars or charts. They say US President Ronald Reagan consulted an astrolger. Remember, you are looking for things that work for you. These may or may not apply in your unique case.

Whew! Day 6 was a lot of typing for me!

Day 7 * Breathe ::: It is said that the Lord rested on the 7th day. So should thee! By “Breathe” I mean rest. Forget about your debt today. Resting from creation teaches us that as human beings created in the image of God, we also need to make time for rest and relaxation one day of the week.

Day 8 * Rinse and Repeat Day ::: Now that you’ve had a day off after being at this for an entire week, today run through the first six steps and evaluate yourself. Give yourself a letter grade A-through-F on each one. Is there any one that has really helped you? Are there others where you have taken action, then done nothing. For example, Book Day. You got the book. Are you reading it? If not, why not? Or Budget Day. Is it working out for you? If you’re not following the plan you came up with, or saying “I’ll start it on x-day,” it’s NOT working, and today you need to revise any of the steps that haven’t panned out for you.

Day 9 * All About Me Day ::: I hope you didn’t beat yourself up too badly yesterday. If you were happy that you had completed the first six days without a glitch, good for you! Keep it up! Guess what? You’re doing exactly what you need to do to get out of debt. Today you will have to use pen and paper. You will write down one thing that has been bothering you. It may not be about money. It may be a goal, a desire, a family or personal problem, a worry. Just write it down. Think about it. Go do something else for a spell. Then go back and read it again. Now, think of a solution. Even the smallest of something you can do to turn that around or deal with it. Draw a line and write the solution below the problem. Now implement!

Day 10 * Bill Day ::: Today is the day you gather or list all of your monthly obligations, those bills that have deadlines. The ones that must be paid. Your objective is to align them so that your payments fall ahead of due dates. You may think you have already addressed this by budgeting, and certainly in a way you have. But this goes beyond that. This is an attempt to get you ahead-of-schedule. And once you know in your heart that you have an upperhand on debts, you will automatically feel better. And that little dose of positivity will lead to others. Your eyes will open, your mind will naturally gravitate to other ways you can improve your personal financial situation. Remember “everything counts in small amounts” and those pennies will turn into dollars.

Day 11 * Nature Day ::: Today I want you to so something to benefit your personal physical health. Whether it’s finally buying that bottle of multi-vitamins or setting up a little garden in the backyard or buying some vegetable or herb plants and placing them in flower boxes on the porch, the simple act of doing a small thing to help make your body healthier will make your mind, your outlook healthier as well. And it’s a reciprocal process!

Day 12 * Spirit Day ::: Today you look inward. Whether you follow Islam, believe you are born again, don’t believe there is a supreme being, or rank yourself among new age spiritualists, this say is special for you. Practice and strengthen your beliefs and look for others who subscribe to the beliefs you hold… people who may also be leaders when it comes to managing money, physical and mental health, success, etc. It has been said “Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.” So let’s fine-tune those thoughts!

If you are content with your present level of spirituality, I will send you over to one of those “money blogs” which I feel has a great deal of monetary inspiration to offer: Mr. Money Mustache.

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