Things that make you think  “Hmmmmm…”

Check out one of the comments reprinted below, originally from the picture series of Bomber Photos:

This boy didn’t have a bullet damaged throat as the govt claimed.

+++Hey, I remember them saying that! A friend of mine has videotape from 9/11 from off-the-air home teevee showing CBS news going “live with President Bush” only to see a FOX video timestamp and then George Bush walking backwards – video was rewinding?  On the same VHS: Network anchors explaining Osama bin Laden called BBC and told them he had nothing to do with the Twin Towers thing…

No, they surgically chopped his throat so he, like his brother, can’t explain that they were set up as patsies. Now, too many Americans know Boston Bombing was yet another inside job. Notice Boston Globe has already reported that NSA ADMITTED they already had planned a drill for the same EXACT event, a Boston backpack bomber. Also, notice all the govt agents wearing the same black backpacks at the same time for purpose of confusion. So, like Nero, we all know the govt did this terrorist attack, again, so they can take more god given rights from American citizens.
FACT: 911, had govt drills of same events.
FACT: London 777, govt had drills of same events.

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