Not the entire work. Just a chapter. It’s an open secret I’ve been preparing two books for eventual publication.  I do know a few published authors have samples of their books on their blogs, but still don’t know if it’s a good idea or bad one for unpublished authors.

Visiting a few discussion groups, the impression that I get is that if one intends to have a book professionally published, it’s not wise strategy:  the attitude seems to be that of “why should we pay you for something that you’re already giving away for free?”

On the other side of the page, some believe “book trailers” are essential to create buzz and collect comments. Personally, I don’t think a trailer can convey writing style. But I suppose it’s another way of exposing one’s work to the general public. Is it better to “do it yourself” or hire an agent?

Next question: which book should I post a chapter from? Novel or non-fiction?

Your thoughts?

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