Honestly folks, I would really appreciate your thoughts about this!

I told you already that I’m toying with the idea of putting a chapter of one of my two forthcoming books online. So far, no feedback. Not a whisper.

I remember the “good ol’ days o’blogging” when it was easy to gather 20 or 30 or more comments after tossing out a question on a post. And back around 2004 or so, my blog was averaging less than a hundred visitors a day. Fast-forward to 2013, where it is difficult (at least for me) to get anyone to comment about anything!

But I press on… I have also been pondering employing a crowdfunding method to raise money to fund a book and subsequent launch campaign… this, after seeing celebrities (and other wealthy folk) go begging for dollars to pay for projects. These folks are dead serious and they are soliciting BUCKS with a CAPITAL B. I wouldn’t need anywhere near that much cash. It ain’t your blogging daddy’s tipjar, that’s for sure!

My question for you: should I bother? Should I try? Should I go with kickstarter or some other online crowdfunding source? Please leave your observations/comments/reaction. THANK-YOU!

Hey, if you can’t/won’t comment, at least do the poll: