Last week I prepared a radio report on the dire situation at NYC’s WBAI. Just after the 5 O’clock whistle blew on Friday, the following article appeared online, entitled “WBAI Pacifica Radio in New York City, Lays Off News Department, and Most On-Air Talent” ::: Teresa Stuart writes on the Village Voice Media Blog “Summer Reese, interim executive director of the Pacifica Radio Network, choked up as she announced Friday afternoon that legendary New York radio station WBAI was laying off its entire news department, and the majority of on-air talent, effective Monday. WBAI, the station where Pacifica’s flagship program, Democracy NOW!, was founded, has broadcast on 99.5 since 1960.”

This appeared in the ‘comments’ section: “Andrea Sears at least will continue to engage in the fine journalism that listeners expect. Follow her on Twitter at AndreaSearsNews to find out more.”