I had a pretty good day today. I was looking at old text files on my ancient Packard-Bell Win95 desktop and found a link to an old blog that must be blessed by the intergods because it still exists: the fragile fragments of one human being, who documents little pieces of her life, character and personality in what I believe is a crystal-clear example of what a blog is really supposed to be: a diary/chronicle, snapshots in personal time.

I found a couple of rather interesting articles online involving journalism. One I call “Requiem for A News Journalist” and the other “Blogger vs. Newsman.”

There are many wonderful benefits to being a journalist. I’m not in the mood to write about them at this time. One of the pitfalls is that out-of-the-blue scenario where one gets let go… Capital New York reports that New York Post writer V.A. Musetto was dropped from the paper, where he has worked in some capacity for 40 years. It can happen to anyone. That’s a cold fact.

Someone gave me a copy of Rodriguez’ album, the one with “Sugar Man” and “Cold Fact” on it. I really enjoyed the songs.

On the downside, I had to deal with some rather bitchy, hateful females today. Keep your rotten attitudes to yourselves! Or don’t – and one day you will cross swords with the wrong person. That will be that. Cold fact.

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