Keller Fay Group found that only 7 percent of word of mouth happens online. That sentence should raise your antennae a few notches.

The average tweet, facebook like or other mention on social media will be observed by LESS THAN 10% of those who land on the screen (article/post/forum) where it is listed.

Read that again.

You write an article on your blog and tweet about it to your 1000 twitter followers. On average about 100 of them will likely be online when that tweet goes out. If you are lucky, 50 of them will notice the URL in your tweet, and if you are VERY lucky, 25 will click on it and maybe, just maybe 12 will actually read it.

Now you understand why getting anything to “go viral” is a monumental task. By the way, one-third of 1% of YouTube videos have more than 3 Million views.

You’ll find some rock-solid “old school” tips on spreading word here.

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