Today I address a very uncomfortable topic: death by suicide. (Or other tragic means including accident and overdose.)

From time to time we become momentarily dumbstruck when we hear a celebrity or sports figure or the neighbor down the street decided it was time to terminate the earthly journey. On hearing the other day about a young actress who hanged herself, I responded aloud, to a TV that cannot hear me, “why would she do THAT?” Why indeed. We’ll never know, unless there was a note, and the information it contained, shared. Certainly there are probably people who would have done anything they could to help that tortured wounded soul.

Next time you are out somewhere – the grocery store – when you check out, take a look at the cashier. Try to imagine who and what they are, where they may be going in life, and where thet have been. Of course, this is all in your imagination. That rugged bag lady could be a retired businesswoman who lost her home in the recession. The young pretty girl with the beautiful smile could be worried about a sick parent, or wondering how she will pay next month’s rent, or she could be beyond joy, thinking about the new dream job in the fashion industry she’ll be starting next month. The middle-aged fellow could be a formerly homeless person who recently cleaned up his act and landed the job.

Play Sherlock Holmes. If you have ever caught an episode of that particular BBC TV programme, look at your cashier for clues that may help you compose of a picture of what he or she and his or her life may be like. You may think you know everything. In truth, you know nothing. Every soul lives in a unique world, no two alike.

Sometimes you may run across something here in my blog that doesn’t make sense to you… that’s just me, lifestreaming away at the keyboard. You can always use the comments to ask me for clarification.

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