“…the old media hacks beat their journalistic bongos to the rhythm of fruit flies dancing on a rotten tomato.” ~ Michael Savage

By whatever name your blog be called, you can use it as a tool to share news and commentary with people in your neighborhood, your city, state, continent, planet.

I am passing this info along to blogging comrade Theresa Grafflin, who has been and still is the author of the New York Citizen One blog. She is often criticized for “lack of press credentials.”

The words quoted in the title of this post are taken from “Profiles in Blogging: How Bloggers Around the World Practice Their Craft” by Christopher Connell. Theresa, like many other bloggers, at times draws ire from people of importance in government and media circles. But like it or not, bloggers have come into their own, filling the shoes of the old-time beat reporters who smelled out stories and singled out subjects the way hungry hyenas stalk and corner prey in the darkest of jungles.

I implore anyone who has ever doubted the power, the importance of the new-normal “citizen blogger,” to download and print/read Connell’s paper.

By the way, I believe that if there are any places which in times ahead may become the last outposts of print journalism, among them will be Albany and New York City. There are many-sided arguments as to how long before the clock breathes its last tick.

As Michael Savage has often pointed out on his evening radio broadcast (and going back to 1998) ::: “Beware the government-media complex.”