Poor Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. They seem to be drinking from the same fountain of outrageous pushing the envelope. When some in your audience are booing your “performance” it is a signal that you are beginning to alienate a sector of your following. When “over the top” goes beyond the ridiculous.

Could it be these ladies have become “attention vampires” whose only drive and satisfaction comes from public reaction?

Real stars shine on their own merits. Think Tom Cruise. Mick Jagger. Karl Lagerfeld. And while the Nicki Minaj phenom was pushed by oodles of highly organized PR, her talents and abilities rose to the surface. She is to be congratulated to ascending from street rat rapper to glam entertainer. If you look back through her old pics you can see she began to catch fire when she learned how to use wigs and fashion and she developed her smile into an electrifying asset. And if she can do it, anyone can!