How Much Should You Charge For Sponsored Blog Posts? (via The Blog Herald)

I am re-blogging the excellent Blog Herald article because many ISPs are either blocking or cannot access The Blog Herald’s site. ( HTTP 520 Error )

While you need to charge fairly for advertising on your blog, “keep it real,” as they say! Rachel Phipps suggests “First, think of the very, very minimum you would accept for a post. Think about what goes into it; your time, your skill and writing and maybe your photography and photo editing skills too.”

Because of the increase emphasis on the value of content when it comes to your search engine marketing strategy, bloggers are getting more and more requests for sponsored posts.

Parenting blog Babble has a great equation for how you should determine your rate for sponsored blog posts.

# of page views + # of twitter followers ÷ page rank # x $ .01 ÷ 2 = your approximate sponsored post rate.

Additionally, WoodenSpoons Kitchen suggests this equation for posts:
(Time Spent x Hourly Rate) + ( (Page Views/1000) x Advertising rate)= $Price per Post

Another common equation recommends changing $25 for ever 1,000 monthly pageview that they receive on their website (which can be found if you have Google Analytics set up on your site). This means that if you blog gets 10,000 pageviews each month, you can command a rate of $250 per post.

Finally, here is a link to Rosie’s fantastic article for bloggers explaining Google’s Terms of Service in relation to sponsored links