A long, long week – or so it seemed!

Here we are, a litle past mid-September, with Fall rapidly approaching. I’m hitting the Farmer’s Market after work. I’ll be stocking up on fruits and I hope the vendor with the Greek food is there with his wonderful and wonderfully inexpensive ‘take-outs!’

I try to pause, appreciate life and people around me several times each day. Make every minute count. You only live once…

The weather for tonight and tomorrow looks really good for cycling and other outdoor activities, and if it rains late Saturday or early Sunday, as it likely will, I’ve got some ‘homework’ to keep me busy, along with the often tedious process of pressing on with my book-writing. Don’t get me going there!

Speaking of work – one news story that isn’t quite finished is the one about the economy. There are so many facets: the still high price of gasoline (unless it dips below $3, the fuel is too damn high for most middle, lower and poor class Americans). The working poor’s flat wages are further squeezed by rising costs for other neccessities like housing, bus and taxi transportation, child care, and food – especially food – further adding to the need for food assistance.

I posted an article this afternoon about the ongoing battle in Washington over food stamps. Face it: a lot of folks’ very survival depends on SNAP.  My opinion. Cold fact.