I guess I am a day late and a dollar short – I have grown to love my VM BlackBerry – I prefer a REAL keyboard to a touchscreen – but I wonder if my carrier will soon drop support for my device.

Now that’s a dilemma, since I use my BB for so many things!

The question is, can I find a substitute?  I’ve reached out to a few carriers, with mixed results.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about Androids. Republic touts their new Motorola device but they seem cold to providing a test phone that I can  review, field test and report about.

  • Here’s the pitch I unleashed:

Wanted: Smartphones to Field Test As Journalism Tools

Reuters ::: T-Mobile US Inc, the No. 4 U.S. wireless service provider, plans to stop carrying BlackBerry Ltd smartphones in its stores and instead ship the devices directly, according to an executive for the company.

Among the news events that have caught my attention today:

The Loss of a Radio Colleague in the Nairobi Mall Massacre

A British survey on  analog vs. digital radio