It’s been a tough year for print journalism.

There are surveys and sources that send shudders down the spines of young newspaper reporters (and I’m sure a few old ones as well!)

Pew Research’s 2012 survey found a third of Millennials and 20 percent of Xers saying they regularly see news or news headlines on social-networking sites. However, only about 35 percent of those who get news from social network sites say they follow up and seek out full news stories.

It gets worse: many are touting the rewards of adopting a low-information diet.

But there is hope in the form of text messaging, aka SMS, and bastard offspring twitter… tools for gathering and delivering news. And then there is crowdsourcing for news/information/feature projects.

Print journalists are not alone as the news media endures a season of “climate change” ::: radio broadcast journalism is also adapting to the changing newsiverse.

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