“Old age ain’t what it used to be,” quipped a friend of mine as we discussed a post I published on my blogspot about author Elizabeth Wurtzel. The more I thought about it, the truer it rang.

When I was a kid, old people were not only out of it, but many were “hollow” in that they had no concept or relation to modern society, at least when viewed through my young eyes!  Jump to 2013, when “old’ no longer means that – just look at some of the cultural icons – Madonna, Woody Allen, Tony Bennett***, Willie Nelson, The Rolling Stones, Karl Lagerfeld… To be so “old” but maintain “coolness” and relevancy means that the 25-year old mind occupying the 45-year old brain of Lizzie Wurtzel is probably more the rule than the exception in today’s world. So if you thought the boomers were acting young, living life like they’d never get old, wait ’til the next generations reach elderly status…

***Bennett, at age 86, will venture online Tuesday to mark the release of “Tony Bennett Live at the Sahara: Las Vegas, 1964.” His entire Columbia Records catalog will become available for the first time in digital form on Tuesday. The crooner will take part in an open forum Q-and-A on Twitter, take questions from fans via Facebook and participate in a live video chat on HuffPo.