Welcome Chrome users! This post is for YOU!

A few days ago I noticed a decline in blog traffic and coincidentally my blogspot blog would start to load in Google Chrome browser but in a few seconds, the screen would go blank. Looking at stats, I saw ZERO hits from any Chrome users. Time to act!

Nothing I could Google gave me any insight into “what now, Google” – so I have created a way savvy netizens can click on a jumper icon in the precious seconds prior to Chrome going whitescreen.

Now that you are here, here are some ways you can view my blogger/blogspot content – BY THE WAY – I’d like to hear from you if this page has helped you any, if at all.


Noticed the  ?m=1 at the end of the address? That indicates the mobile site of the blog. You can use that on any other blogger/blogspot blog you haven’t been able to view.

You can also visit my Networked Blogs site, but it isn’t updated as frequently as my actual blog.

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