It’s a beautiful day here in New York.  59 degrees as I type this.

I took a leisurely bicycle ride a couple of hours ago. As I rode away from the house I looked around me and thought about life. There are people on my street that come and go. Some of them I know, or at least say “hello” to. Some I see and they see me. I watched the cars driving by and wondered where the folks inside might be going. I passed some nearby shops, the church, the library. My thoughts turned to the residents of Tacloban City. One day they were just living their lives, day by day, like I am now. The next day everything they knew and loved and were familiar with was gone. Try to imagine what you would do if your world was pulled out from under you. Some of the people you saw every day are gone and you don’t know what happened to them. Some of your family may be gone. You don’t have a job anymore because your workplace is gone.

So now I’m sitting at the computer. Just read a story about the new “game” sweeping the nation: “Knockout Whitey.”  If there were a disaster here, these are the people who would immediately become super-predators. A couple of years ago I became friends with two Israeli girls who moved into my neighborhood for several months as part of a cultural exchange program. They couldn’t wait to get back home: they didn’t think the U.S. was a safe place.

Where am I going with this? I’m just rambling along the keys… I heard someone say the other day that there must not be a God, because if there was a God, why would God allow so many innocent people (like those in the Philippines and “Knockout” victims here in the states) to be harmed?

Those of you concerned about “lost” friends and family overseas might want to take a deep breath. Give time a chance to restore the lines of communication. If your peeps were on twitter or facebook or they kept blogs or had IM accounts, that’s where to look for them. Unless they have died or are injured, the internet is the natural place they know they can let everyone else know that they are okay. I know the “weight or the wait” can be unbearable at times, but it is something we all must do.

Many questions. No answers? Thoughts from me to you on a November day.