Here is reason to celebrate! Newsonomics is reporting that 41% of U.S. dailies soon will have restricted digital access (paywalls) up on their sites. For netizens who are accustomed to “tuning in” to a variety of sources to satisfy their news-needs, this situation will be unacceptable. Enter the blogger. Those who blog smart enough to perceive trends will offer their own content: yes, it will be culled from major sites. Take a lesson from HuffPo. Here are the most important words ever written about a website that all of you bloggers aspiring for fame, fortune or both need to memorize:

“One of the secrets to the site’s massive traffic numbers is probably the sheer volume of stories and blog posts that Huffington Post publishes — over 1,000 every day. Many of those, of course, are likely to be the kind of “aggregated” story from another publication that has drawn so much criticism from traditional news entities such as the New York Times. And in many cases, at least judging by the numbers above, the Huffington Post is probably getting orders of magnitude more engagement from readers even on those stories than the newspaper or website that originally carried them.” ~ gigaom