This comes as no surprise: Facebook, Google and Twitter want to seize control of a key part of your phone. I’ve always been a fan of INDEPENDENT COMPUTING. Try not to get entangled with a particular service or app. Strive to keep you rpersonal computing to the level that, if you were unable to access the internet, your computer or laptop or notebook would still be a viable tool.

I was looking through a couple of store websites, looking for an inexpensive laptop to give as a Christmas gift. Problem is they are all “Chrome OS,” which is the last thing I would wish upon anyone. The complexity of connections and programs involving Google services make your Chrome OS “addicted” to the internet to the point where it wants to, needs to, demands to be online all the time. No need for that! After mistakenly downloading Chrome browser and installing it on my laptop, it me days to unravel, disconnect and delete all of the files scattered across the harddrive that were extensions tentacles of Chrome.

Blogger Selena Larson believes that Facebook and Google are driven by by greed—the notion that they can form an even deeper relationship with their users, to the exclusion of others—and fear, that someone else will do that before they can, and limit the reach of their social networks in people’s lives.

In other matters, I’ve been getting a lot of visitors to my blog*spot wondering how they can find updated information about Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), about those who have survived and others missing and/or feared dead. The search engines aren’t helpful past November 18th, and that’s an eternity for some of these folks. Anyone out there who discovers new information or links please stop by my other blog and leave your remarks and links in either my blogger or facebook comments.

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