Twitter is my favourite social media platform at the moment – it is easy to use, I can access it quickly via computer or phone, and it can serve as a mass-broadcast app or a two-way communication as well as a PRIVATE 2-way “radio.”

Here are a few tips I’ve gathered after several years of tweeting:

(1) Cap the number of people YOU follow my personal limit is 300.

(2) People will view your most recent tweets to see if you’re worth following – so make every tweet worthwhile – and if you feel you made a crappy one, follow it up with a snappy one, ASAP!

(3) AVOID “cryptic tweets” and tweeting old, boring news – NOBODY wants to see your tweet about a celebrity who just died on the day after thousands of other tweeted it. Check the time: an RIP is okay with a personal comment, but don’t tweet about any celeb death more than two hours afterthe news breaks!

(4) Use #hashtags and respond @ to people who respond to your tweets – use your judgment on that!

(5) Unfollow those who don’t follow you backunless they are celebs or part of your “core” source for information