Nothing can shape pf things to come. From Clockwork Orange to restricted freedom of speech.

Charlottesville Newspaper Shuts Down Comments on Knockout Game Report for ‘Hateful Nature’ ::: “Please do not use this comment stream as a forum for social diatribes, for racist ranging, or for expressing anger. We will delete you.”

This is ridiculous! A disgrace to all media outlets. If you’re gonna be online, you need to have INTERACTION and comments. (Especially if you are going to erect a ‘pay wall’ to try to squeeze cash out of starving netizens!) If you had a brain, you would have an EDITOR (do you what that is? Not just some lunk who knows how to spell) to sift through comments, and MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAS HIS OR HER SAY, even if there has to be a little censorship.) That would help avoid “Clockwork Orange” incidents like “The Knockout Game.”

Thank God for wonderful media people like CBS, CNN, New York Magazine and HOT97’s Miss Info, not afraid to post something that is what it is – a message from a troubled reader who wants and needs to be heard via this comment: