The adhan, or Islamic call to prayer, is an integral part of the Muslim faith. How about this: we embellish tradition. Let’s issue a call to peace. Islamic creationist Adnan Oktar [Harun Yahya] points out all too clearly that “we are in the age of communication” and it is time to heal old wounds.

This is no time in history for the callous among us. We see Mr. Putin, the Russian leader, responding to events happening in America as well as executing paralell moves to those initiated by President Obama. Many have likened actions by the two world powers in recent days to “a game of chess.” In chess, you win or lose, pick up your pieces and go home. In the real world, the consequences are more dire. Just like that meteor that appeared in the Russian sky a year or so ago, things can happen quickly, without warning, without giving people time to prepare. And sometimes, as in the case of Typhoon Yolanda, there is warning and some preparation, which in the end was overwhelmed by a storm bigger than anyone could have imagined.

A call to peace can only be rung by men and women posessing the spirit of life and love. On the christian side we have Pope Francis, who literally hit the ground running, turning the stodgy Roman Catholic church on it’s ear. The emergence now of an equally great Islamic leader would change perceptions and foster understanding.

There are bright spots of hope: in recent days a new Muslim-American group based in Detroit launched a social media campaign urging Arabs not use arabic racial slurs against African Americans.

In his book “Islam Without Extremes,” Mustafa Akyol makes a compelling case for liberalization within Islam today. He notes “times have changed dramatically” as the world becomes “more open, transparent, individualistic, and – obviously – globalized.” Not everyone has seen such light.

Adnan Oktar points out that “the morality of the Qur’an encourages science and research, praises art and beauty, encourages wider roles for women in administration, leads the way to free thinking, frees people from the pressure they are suffering from.” And most noteworthy “everyone is entitled to a great life” and effectively the doorway leading to life’s wonderful things is open to all… so why aren’t more people coming in out of the cold of their backdated and tribal ways?

I am reminded of a passage in the Qu’ran: “Have they not seen that We drive the water to a barren land, then We bring forth thereby crops, of which their cattle and they themselves eat, will they not then see?”

What does it take to drive truth to barren hearts? I wonder…

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