Have you ever been bitched at by a friend, lover or spouse because you either “take too long to answer” or “ignore calls” coming to your mobile phone? There’s a reason for that. Many times I’ve tried to convince angry people I’m not ignoring them. Now I have proof. H/T Mashable!

That ringing sound to which we’re so accustomed is actually a psychological trick, meant to keep us on the line while the network works to locate the other phone.

“The ringing sound is generated by the originating carrier’s switch while the network sets up the call,” a CTIA-The Wireless Association spokesperson tells Mashable. “This keeps callers from abandoning the call when they hear no sound. The ringing sound has nothing to do with the actual ‘ringing’ of the called device.

Tip of the day (for twitterers) : Photos get a higher number of retweets. Now that twitter has made this information public, look for an onslaught of BS photos from “social media guruss” that have nothing to do with the actual tweet.