Really? I think microsoft clandestinely cooked this one up to scare WinXp users. Just my opinion. That’s all.

I have two wonderful laptops, an older Dell C600 and an IBM thinkpad, both with Xp – I don’t use an antivirus program and have never had a problem. I use a firewall and take a few other pro-active “defense” measures, and have no intention of leaving Xp, which works marvelously. I use either the One-off, Firefox or Maxthon when browsing.

According to the Washington Post, the IE security flaw affects anyone using a version of the browser that falls between Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 11, though attackers appear to be actively targeting only those using the latest three versions of IE. The security firm FireEye, which helped Microsoft in uncovering the bug, estimates that more than 25 percent of Internet users fall in that targeted group.

Vulnerability Summary for CVE-2014-1776

The US Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team has urged “users and administrators enable Microsoft EMET where possible.