Aviators in the early age of flight were often warned “watch the clouds.” That bit of old analog advice is something every person online should take to heart.

One of the net’s recent techno marvels is the concept of “cloud computing” where everything is stored somewhere on some server in cyberspace. This is a blessing and a curse. If you can’t get online, or if the internet were to be hacked out of existence for a couple of weeks, you would have ZERO access to anything!

I prefer to have as much as possible STORED on my computer! That goes for emails, blogs, photos, videos, etc. Sure, I’ll have some of that stuff stowed away “up there” – but it is always best to keep files saved in the event you need to work on stuff if you cannot get online!

You can store and access gmail, your gmail calendar, your blog*spot or wordpress blog, right on your machine.

There are still brand-new laptops available that are NOT cloud-dependent. I suggest you purchase one before they’re gone.

As for those cloud-based Anti-Virus programs, I will continue to recommend keeping an “old-fashioned” AV program on your PC or laptop. If a virus or trojan strikes and disables your internet connection capabilities, you won’t be able to contact the cloud AV for assistance. That’s called “screwed.”

There is ONE cloud-based service I actually like and recommend: Maxthon Browser. (And I have THAT backed-up on a USB!)