“Favorites, represented by a small star icon next to a Tweet, are most commonly used when users like a Tweet. Favoriting a Tweet can let the original poster know that you liked their Tweet, or you can save the Tweet for later.” ~ twitter 

MediaBistro reported last year that users favorited tweets to increase followers “…in the hopes they’ll see the notification and then decide to follow the person favoriting their tweet.” Hmmm. Don’t know about that. I cap my follow list at 300.

“Your Twitter bio tells followers what you want them to know about you, while your favorite tweets are a visual representation of what’s actually important. And more often than not, what’s important to you (humor, follow-ups, etc.) is more telling than any marketing copy.” ~ problogger.net 

So, let’s say you favorite a tweet. Why don’t you re-tweet it? If it’s really and truly a favorite then at some point you should re-tweet it. Just my opinion. That’s all.

“The Twitter ‘Favoriting’ feature allows users to mark with a star icon tweets they find amusing or useful. Doing so both bookmarks the tweet and alerts its creator that they appreciate the sentiment without republishing it in their own streams.” ~ The Wall St. Journal 

Your Turn!

Do you favorite tweets? 

How do you use them?