Keeping Summer Life Real…

DMW_3875 Protesting the proposed CVS in Bridgehampton. Dawn Watson photos

I was just admiring the newest real estate artwork downstairs in my office, which is next to the empty lot on Main Street that is the proposed home of a new CVS drugstore in Bridgehampton, when James Dwyer and Catherine Ross started talking about the protest.
“What protest?” I asked.
“The one outside against CVS,” James replied.
And here I thought all the horns were just typical pre-July 4, practically-every-single-day-this-summer sounds during our strongest economy since 2007. Nope, there are a few dozen people peacefully demonstrating against the major chain store trying to locate on a postage stamp-sized lot that already has a dearth of parking around it.
“Sign me up,” Catherine said as I ran to get my camera.
The next time I saw her, she had joined the group and was holding an Xed-out CVS sign. Good for you…

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