I promised I would blog about what’s on my coffee table. With my beloved remote as centerpiece, have a look at treasures found at garage sales.

There’s a 25 cent VHS movie “Guantanemera” which is in Spanish with English subtitles. I watched it last night after my workout. Let’s say it was interesting. About romance, old age, life choices and undertakers, set in Cuba.

“The Brain Power Cookbook” comes with a recommender from Dr. Phil and I like it because it tells me all of favorite foods like chocolate are good for me. It set me back 10 cents.

Those cables are s-video with gold plated connectors, very expensive when new. I paid 25 cents apiece.

The little serving tray from the early 1960s was a dollar, and the Patrick Guerin DVD was taken from a box labeled “Free. Help yourself.”